Duquesa Village Snagging

Having had first hand experience of whats involved in setting up apartments and Duquesa Village Snagging, here are the services we can offer, and some useful information as to what actually goes on.

General Advice

1. The snagging forms MUST be completed and returned within 30 days of completion.

2. The workers only come on Wednesdays , ( sometimes ), the workers don’t speak English and it normally takes weeks to sort it out. We will be in attendance to make sure all snagging work is completed, and have a good relationship with Duquesa Golden Mile and co-ordinate with them to get the work done.

3. You also need water and electricity on to snag properly, obviously as any leaks need to be isolated and electrical goods tested. Your solicitor will need to sort this for you with the electric and water companies. Istallation generally takes 10 days, and you need to be on hand to let the electrical company in to istall a fuse.

Bathroom Fittings.
You need a shower cubicle, shelves, bath screen and so on.- We recommend you source these from a big DIY company called Leyroy Merlin as they can supply and install these for a very cheap transportation and installation fees.

Electrics/Light Fittings.
Once again these can be sourced from local electrical distributors, but you do need a qualified electrician to install the lights.

Cleaning Terraces and planting up window boxes.
I can provide quotes for cleaning of the terraces and planting up of window boxes including irrigation systems if required. Or alternatively we can put stones in with solar powered lighting.

Just plugging a sky box in doesn’t work. It needs to be hardwired into the cable feed after the filter has been removed. We can supp,ly a sky box and free view card and install it for 399 euros.

Security Locks
The window locks are poor, we can supply and install window deadlocks for all windows.